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Artisan. Repair shoes

Mister Minit, a well-known shoe repair shop, is fully launched in Hong Kong. The masters set up an artisan shoe repair shop, inherited from European repair technology.

Artisan Shoe Repair was founded in 1993. It has a team of masters composed of Mister Minit, a world-renowned shoe repair shop, to provide Hong Kong citizens with services such as shoe repair, keying, sole replacement, and handbag repair.

In 2018, he was authorized to become the only exclusive authorized general agent and distributor in Hong Kong for Vibram, a well-known Italian shoe sole brand. The artisan shoe repair shop is internationally recognized.

~ What you need to know about shoe repair culture ~

In other words, in 1957, the first "While-you-wait Shop" (While-you-wait Shop) repair heel shop, Talon Minute, opened in Belgium to attract shoe repair services on-the-go. The so-called on-demand repair means immediate repair, and it only takes a few minutes. The shop is located in a large department store. When shopping, customers can spend a few minutes repairing shoes. It is indeed much more convenient than repairing shoes specially for shoemakers. Therefore, this shop is very popular and has completely changed the entire shoe repair industry. The following year, they decided to join the "key matching" and "knife sharpening" services at the same venue, which were equally popular. Talon Minute expanded rapidly and continued to enter department stores everywhere, and later developed into an international chain brand, and was renamed Mister Minit. Speaking of this, you may also have a bit of an impression. This world-renowned "shoe repair and key chain store" has been in Hong Kong for more than 30 years and opened its first branch in "Daimaru Department Store", and it is very popular among Hong Kong people. , Which is considered to be a "fashionable" shoe repair and keying shop. It is said that many of the employees who were "learning teachers" at Mister Minit came from Lishao and cooked dishes accordingly. Since then, Hong Kong's "shoe repairing" and "keying" have often gone together. As for why the Belgian put these two crafts together? Perhaps it will be left to the knowledgeable readers to answer for us.


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